Vaibhav Garg brought perceived risk methods to the study of on-line risk, as well as pioneering applications of crime science from criminal justice to online crime.

Recent Publications

  • Vaibhav Garg and L. Jean Camp. Spare the rod, spoil the network security? Economic analysis of sanctions online. In Electronic Crime Research (eCrime), 2015 APWG Symposium on, pages 1--10, May 2015. IEEE.
    Keywords: E-Crime. [bibtex-entry]

  • Vaibhav Garg and L. Jean Camp. Cars, Condoms, and Facebook. In Information Security, pages 280--289. Springer International Publishing, 2015.
    Keywords: Mental Models, Human-Centered Security, Privacy. [bibtex-entry]

  • V Garg and L. Jean Camp. Risk Characteristics, Mental Models, and Perception of Security Risks. Academy of Science and Engineering, USA, 2015. [bibtex-entry]

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