I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Informatics Department at Indiana University Bloomington as part of the Computing Innovation Fellows program. My research interests revolve around applying natural language processing to societal challenges online. My specific interests include manipulative processes used to harm vulnerable populations, annotation methodologies for textual social science datasets, biases in law enforcement investigations and triage, and online crime resilience. I completed my PhD in August 2021 at Purdue University in the College of Technology. During my PhD, I focused on identifying risk associated with online child grooming and online sexual solicitors. I worked on a wide variety of projects related to classifying solicitor typologies, assessing risk of a solicitor physically meeting a child, and identifying issues with the use of internet sting datasets. My dissertation focused on differences in the flow of the online grooming process in internet sting and real victim datasets. Currently, I am focused on identifying and understanding manipulative processes online and how researchers can help build resilience against, and awareness of, these processes. I am involved in projects in the online child exploitation domain, user perceptions of data privacy, and preventative healthcare.

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