Post doctoral Fellow Prashanth Rajivan, now at Carnegie Mellon, focused on the psychology of security.

Recent Publications

  • Prashanth Rajivan, Pablo Moriano, Timothy Kelley, and L. Jean Camp. Factors in an end user security expertise instrument. Information & Computer Security, 25(2):190--205, 2017.
    Note: Emerald Publishing Limited. [bibtex-entry]

  • Prashanth Rajivan and L. Jean Camp. Too Much Too Late: Influence of risk communication on Android App installations--UNDER REVIEW. 2016. [bibtex-entry]

  • Prashanth Rajivan and L. Jean Camp. Influence of Privacy Attitude and Privacy Cue Framing on Android App Choices. In Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS), 2016.
    Keywords: Mobile Privacy. [bibtex-entry]

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