The 3rd European Workshop on Usable Security

April 23, 2018

London, England


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EuroUSEC 2018 Proceedings Front Matter


8:45-9:30: Registration


9:30-9:45: Welcome from Chairs


9:45-11:00: Users and Security


User Perception and Expectations on Deleting Instant Messages —or— “What Happens If I Press This Button?”

Theodor Schnitzler, Christine Utz, Florian Farke, Christina Pöpper, Markus Dürmuth



“This Website Uses Cookies”: Users’ Perceptions and Reactions to the Cookie Disclaimer

Oksana Kulyk, Nina Gerber, Annika Hilt, Melanie Volkamer



11:00-11:15: Short Coffee Break


11:15-13:00: Rethinking Principles and Patterns


A Usability Study of Secure Email Deletion

Tyler Monson, Joshua Reynolds, Trevor Smith, Scott Ruoti, Daniel Zappala, Kent Seamons



Rethinking Home Network Security

Norbert Nthala, Ivan Flechais



Consolidating Principles and Patterns for Human-centred Usable Security Research and Development

Luigi Lo Iacono, Matthew Smith, Emanuel von Zezschwitz, Peter Leo Gorski, Peter Nehren



13:00-14:30: Lunch


14:30-14:45: Return from Lunch Warm-up


14:45-16:00: Privacy Expectations and Calculations


The Role of Privacy Violations in Privacy Calculus

Maija Poikela, Sebastian Möller



What Can’t Data Be Used For? User Privacy Expectations about Smart TVs

Nathan Malkin, Julia Bernd, Maritza Johnson, Serge Egelman



16:00 – 16:30: Coffee Break


16:30-17:45: Teaching Configuration


Permission Impossible: Teaching Firewall Configuration in a Game Environment

Sibylle Sehl, Kami Vaniea



The ‘Retailio’ Privacy Wizard: Assisting Users with Privacy Settings for Intelligent Retail Stores

Frederic Raber, David Ziemann, Antonio Krueger